Genesis 11:31-32

One day Terah took his son Abram, his daughter-in-law Sarai (his son Abram’s wife), and his grandson Lot (his son Haran’s child) and moved away from Ur of the Chaldeans. He was headed for the land of Canaan, but they stopped at Haran and settled there. Terah lived for 205 years and died while still in Haran.

Have you ever set out for a destination only to discover that it was taking longer than expected? Maybe you discovered that the trip was more expensive than you calculated. Possibly, the group of people you set out with became a bit too much to carry.

Such seems to be the case with with Terah, Abram’s father. They had set out for Canaan, stopped in Haran, and ended up settling at their stopping point. While it is true that God has established a ‘day of rest’, there are times when those days can turn into weeks, months, even years.

God leads us by revelation and it is only that revelation that will sustain us when we feel like the journey is getting too long. You may find yourself at a place that was meant to be a rest that has actually become a place where you have settled. It may be because of offense, a misunderstanding,  miscalculation, or simply because you have grown tired. Today, be encouraged that if God has called you to a destination, He will grace you for the journey. When we come to the end of our strength, it is there that we find the beginning of His.

A simple prayer, “God thank you for the grace to stand and step once again. Thank you for today’s help as I don’t need tomorrow’s just yet. Refresh my memory of the place you have called me to, help me to regain my spiritual sight that I may step securely into your purpose for my life.”